Trip Info

Get Ready To Dive

Niuhi Dive Charters offers many types of dive trips including Recreational, Technical, Wreck Diving and Spearfishing just to name a few. Recreational and Technical divers are permitted to dive on the same charter. Please give Captain Andy a call if you have any special trips in mind, and he can help you set something up.

Dive with niuhi

What’s included with your charter

Captain Andy provides his charter customers with water, ice, sports drinks, and surface interval snacks. Divemasters/Dive guides are in-water with you on every dive.

What’s NOT included

  • Tanks
  • Weights
  • SCUBA gear

Please make arrangements for tanks, weights and gear rental with a local dive shop. We have several great dive shops in Pensacola that rent tanks, gear, and dive computers. We highly recommend Dive Pros Dive Center.

Be Prepared to Dive

  • You will be required to provide certification card(s) for the dives you are planning, so don’t forget to bring your C-card. If you are diving on Nitrox, bring both your C-card and Nitrox Card. If you plan on diving beyond recreational limits, a technical diving certification is required.
  • Obviously you’ll also want to bring your scuba gear. The scuba equipment that you bring should be appropriate for the dives you are planning. It is not acceptable to show up for a technical dive with single-tank recreational gear. Niuhi does not carry extra dive gear, so if you show up without a regulator, you’re probably not going to dive.
  • Personal Dive Computers are HIGHLY recommended. EACH diver must have their own dive computer. For your safety, we do not allow sharing of a single dive computer. Dive Pro’s has wrist mounted dive computers to rent very inexpensively. If you don’t dive with a computer, you will need your dive tables and a bottom timer.
  • If you need help finding rental gear, please let Captain Andy know as far in advance as possible.
  • It is very important for you to bring your own sunscreen, seasickness medications, bathing suits, towels, and any prescription medications you may require during the charter. Seasickness medication is usually most effective if taken the evening BEFORE your charter leaves the dock.
  • It’s sunny on the Pensacola Gulf Coast, so you may also want to bring a wide-brimmed hat, and a long-sleeved rash-guard. We sell amazing long sleeve dri-fit dive shirts that are UPF 45+ material. Order them before you get here and we will have them ready for you!
  • It’s also a good idea to bring a small save-a-dive kit, with spare O-rings, batteries for your computer and flashlights, etc.

When You Arrive

  • Please show up on time, and be prepared to leave the dock 10-15 minutes after the posted charter time. You can save yourself some time by printing and filling out the waiver before you come to the boat.
  • Please assemble your scuba gear on the dock before you get on the boat. Test all gear and make sure it works. Once you are sure it works, let the Captain or crew know and we will load your gear onto the boat. We have space for your dive bags and boxes but please pack reasonably.
  • Let the crew know if you have any special requests, we’ll try our best to accommodate you.
  • Divemasters work for tips, and the customary gratuity for a dive charter is 20% of trip cost. We have the best divemasters in the area, and they work hard to make sure you are safe and have a great time! Please show your appreciation at the tip jar.


All individual cancellations must be made within 48 hours of dock time to receive a full refund. Groups of 4 or more divers must cancel at least 7 days in advance.  Any special considerations are determined by Captain Andy. A Divemaster is always on the boat, however, if you would like a private Divemaster for safety and touring purposes we can arrange that for you. Additional fees for private Divemasters are set by the individual professionals. Divemasters may vary in price depending on availability and the services requested. All passengers aboard the Niuhi are required to read, understand, and execute a liability release.

Charter Rates


Beginner to Advanced Dives

2 Tank  $175
3 Tank $225



Intermediate to Advanced

2 Tank  $200
3 Tank $250



Intermediate to Advanced

2 Tank  $225
3 Tank $275




Oriskany 2 tank  $225
New Venture  $250