Natural Bottom Diving

Pensacola’s Natural “Reefs” Scuba Diving

Pensacola have some unique underwater landscape simply called natural bottom. These areas are typically limestone ledges where sinkholes have dropped and form long ledges across the ocean floor. How tall they are, or how much relief they have, depends on the site. Sometimes its as small as 2 feet, others are over 10 foot tall. These ledges are great for fish to hide under from the preditors that are swimming around. If you are lucky, you can find rather large spiny lobster that have walked up from Mexico. 

Natural bottom sites are amazing to dive, as they usually hold lots of fish and sponges. It very much reminds you of the traditional coral reefs, especially the larger ledges. It’s a great place to spearfish, or just follow the ledge looking for cool things to see.


Natural bottom sites tend to be fairly deep, so its more geared for the advanced diver. The best way to dive it is live boat diving where there is no anchor line to come back to. You just swim till you have to surface, and the boat picks you up.

Be sure to read our Trip Info page for details about diving with Niuhi Dive Charters.  Need to rent tanks or gear for your dive? Please visit our friends at Dive Pros Dive Center in Pensacola for a great experience.

Timber Holes

Timber Holes is a reef diving site with a depth of 120 - 130 feet. The Timber Holes are similar to other natural limestone reefs in the area. It gets its name from the numerous holes stamped into the face of the limestone. It is believed that these holes were caused...

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Paradise Hole

Paradise Hole is another natural limestone reef with sections and heads spread over a wide area. Depths range from 80ft to 110ft, and there's usually one to three feet of relief.Paradise HoleMax Depth: 80-11o Top of Wreck: Distance from Pass:Additional Pensacola Dive...

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Greens Hole

Greens Hole is a natural limestone reef resembling a tabletop sitting a few feet above the sandy bottom with scattered ledges, overhangs, and coral heads. Depths range from 95ft to 115ft.Green's HoleMax Depth: 95-115 Distance from Pass:Additional Pensacola Dive Sites

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