Liberty Ship Joseph L. Meek

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The 480ft long S.S. Joseph L. Meek was a WWII Liberty Ship built  for the Maritime Commission by the Oregon War Industries Ship Building Company in 1942 and reefed in 1976. She was one of. the “ugly duckling” ships rapidly constructed in civilian shipyards during World War II. Liberty ships were used to transports cargo and troops to the Allied Forces. The ship was launched in November of 1942 and became part of the James River Reserve fleet. In 1976 she the ship was removed from service and sunk by the Department of Commerce. The Meek now rests in 95′ of water. Despite its advanced age, the Meek is still a popular and productive spearfishing spot.

Liberty Ship joseph L Meek

Max Depth: 95 ft

Top of Wreck: 

Legnth: 480 ft


Distance from Pass:

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