Dive Into Pensacola


We tailor your dive charter to the types of diving you like to do. Recreational and technical diving, sightseeing, spearfishing, photography, night diving, or wreck diving. The list of diving options in Pensacola is truly endless. We work hard to ensure that you have a memorable adventure aboard the Niuhi!



Pensacola offers some of the best diving in the Gulf of Mexico. There are hundreds of scuba diving sites in Pensacola: wrecks, natural reefs, artificial reefs, even the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany, all within a short boat ride of Pensacola Pass. With so many scuba diving locations, it’s easy for the Niuhi to accommodate divers of all skill levels. Let Captain Andy help you plan your next recreational, technical, or spearfishing dive trip aboard the Niuhi.

Diving in Pensacola on Niuhi Dive Charters
Diving in Pensacola on Niuhi Dive Charters

USS Oriskany

At 904 ft long, 157ft wide and 129ft tall the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany (CV/CVA 34) is the pride of Pensacola and the crown jewel of Pensacola wreck diving. Truly the dive of a lifetime, the Oriskany is an advanced recreational dive in a class by itself. Technical divers and rebreather pilots will find a wide range of exploration opportunities on the USS Oriskany dive site that fit within their individual levels of training and experience. Niuhi Dive Charters offers morning and afternoon half-day trips to the Oriskany.

Pensacola Spearfishing

Pensacola spearfishing charters are now available for booking onboard the Niuhi. Captain Andy’s Federal reef fishing permit allows Niuhi customers to spearfish in state and federal waters. Please contact Captain Andy in advance if you’re interested in any specific spearfishing targets on board the Niuhi.

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Pensacola is ground-zero for Lionfish hunting in Florida and the US.  Luckily, Pensacola divers do a good job of keeping their numbers in check on most of the public reefs and wrecks. If you’re interested in hunting or photographing lionfish,  Niuhi Dive Charters can put you to work. 

Join The Adventure 

Whatever your diving needs, we have you covered. Niuhi Dive Charters offers scuba diving trips on the Pensacola Gulf Coast all week long. Enjoy complimentary bottled water and snacks on every trip. We work hard to provide you with first-class, professional service and the best scuba diving experience in the Pensacola area. Contact us for all of your scuba charter needs!